Deluxe Services

For you, it is business but for us it is personal!

Business Strategy

The business environment is fast changing and many firms aspire to leadership in their industries. Today they may start as insurgents: fast, agile, adaptable with a focus on customers and their markets and deride complexity.

Firms are experiencing significant disruption caused by innovation, new technologies and evolving customer needs, as well as changing regulations and pressure on capital deployment. As a result, firms are searching for ways to keep up with the changes and drive profitability.

But often to win in the medium to long term firms need the cost advantages and scale of global incumbents, and in achieving that scale, they lose what we call the start-up mentality which is often the very core strength and value that helped them succeed.

We are passionate about creating bottom-line results for clients because we only succeed if our client succeeds.

Legal Solutions

Undergirding all of business operations is Legal, which acts as the bulwark, instilling governance and compliance. At MicroLex we bring a holistic and contextual approach to legal matters to ensure that we are able to offer elegant legal solutions to business issues.

We can help to identify and address all issues of governance, risk and control and benchmark performance against market practice.

Innovative Technology

Technology without question has become the key enabler for those seeking to offer innovation and superior products and services.

For some technology and its associated digital disruption can be seen as a threat while for others it provides a rich seam of opportunity offering a means to deliver on core strategy, delight customers and operate smarter and faster.

Digital technology and innovation are not only changing the world around us, but the way in which we work.

Cyber Security

Whether private or public it is unquestionably acknowledged that the “Cyber Threat” is real and one that has the capacity to cause high impact damage to businesses globally.

As a complex challenge some bury their heads in the sand hoping that it will go away, while a minority focus on protection and compliance. The threat though complex is not insurmountable. At MicroLex we have the competence to help you build the secured defences required to shield you from an attack.

Integrity, excellence & personal growth

Our main areas of focus are: Business Strategy, Cyber Security, Technology and Legal Services. We find that these areas are critical to the success of any modern day, business with each focus area impacting the others.

Our clients are varied, dynamic and sophisticated. We reflect that in our belief in challenging the conventional or accepted ways of working. We like to solve problems quickly.

Delivering real value to our clients

We stand alongside our clients as trusted advisor and business partner. We guard our clients’ interests, recognizing the significant nexus between business affairs, personal affairs and the ways in which it affect our clients.

Building strong personal connections with our clients and their businesses is important to us. It is for these reasons that we say “For you, it is business. But for us it is personal “.